The Truth About Clone Tuning Tools and the Damage They Cause

Clone tuning tools are everywhere these days, the dangers are hidden, and even some operators don’t understand just exactly what the risks are.

If you are in the process of having your car tuned or on the lookout for a tuning specialist, we reccomend asking your tuner whether or not they are using real and genuine car tuning tools.

No Technical Support

One of the main dangers of using clone tuning tools is that there is often no technical support available. In addition there is no back up if something goes wrong. One of the main benefits of using legitmate tuning tools & software is that the neccesary support is in place.

clone fake tuning tools

Is your tuner using the real deal tuning tools ?

No Insurance & Not Tested

Its hard to tell a good tuner or a professional tuner, from a cow boy have a go tuner using fake and clone tuning tools, they look almost the same, and both can no doubt talk confidently about tuning and ecu remapping. Surprisingly there is often no real difference in the price they many quote to tune your car either.

But under the surface of the tuning service they offer, there is a very considerable difference.  A professional tuner will operate genuine tools, All Viezu dealers will have been trained to IMI standards, they will have insurance for the work they are performing, the tuning they offer is tried and tested, with back up and support from Viezu. And the tuning tools they operate will be fully supported and TUV approved by the tuning tool manufacture – you are in safe hands.

car tuning tools

Professional Tuners use Professional Tuning Tools

Fake Clone Tuning Tools

On the other hand, there are rouge tuners using fake tuning tools and clone tuning tools, the price quoted is often the same, so why would you risk having a fake tuner mess with your cars software? Using a fake,  cloned tuning tool with out of date hacked software, offering no support, insurance, or underwritten warranty. And no doubt no answers to your phone calls when your car will not start.

Fake and clone tuning tools are a copy of the real thing, but they are not even a good copy, not only are clone tuning tools based on very old and out of date software, they are also very unstable, crashing and “bricking” if a clone tuning tool bricks (locks up) during the tuning – your car WILL NOT START, this is not scaremongering, or hear say. Your car will not start!, and often cannot be restated without a very expensive repair bill.

At this point more often than not the cowboy clone tool tuner is off, literally gone like the wind, never to return or answer his phone to you again. When presented to a main dealer I this situation, most will simply replace the ECU of your car – that’s a bill of £1000 – £1800

How to Tell a Quality Approved Car Tuner From the “Fake”

How can you protect yourself from clone tool, and cowboy tuners using fake tuning equipment, insist on using a Viezu dealer is the easy option, if you chose not to use a Viezu dealer you must ask the following of any tuner

the best car tuning and ecu remapping

Viezu Approved Quality car tuners

  • What tuning tool are they using and is it genuine – can they prove it
  • Is the tuning tool in licence – the real software will show the expiry date
  • Ask to see the insurance policy that covers not only the workmanship, but the tuning service – no insurance – no booking! If in doubt call the insurance policy to check the policy number is real.
  • If your tuner claims to have a warranty – ask for proof, don’t be fooled by a fake glossy booklet, you need to see the details of the real warranty policy underwriter. Again call them if you are in doubt.
  • Lastly – are they rained, do they have any qualification to enable then to do the tuning they have offered you.

If this all sound too much, remember the cost of the replacement ecu, and the cost of having a none starting car, perhaps for days. It takes just a few minutes to check your tuner is the real deal and capable to tuning your car correctly and safely.

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