We are very pleased to say for the first time ever the Viezu Technical Academy will be offering ECU remapping, car and vehicle tuning training courses and tuition on-site in Mumbai, India.

Viezu has successfully established itself as one of the leading vehicle tuning companies in the world, supporting over 340 dealers. We have developed a name and reputation for providing consultation, research and development to some of the world’s best automotive brands in manufacturers, race, vehicle stylists and tuners alike.

Through the Viezu Academy courses, you too can learn the art of vehicle tuning. The award-winning Viezu team will take you step by step through the art of writing custom tuning files, tuning for performance, Co2 reduction, fuel-saving, motorsport and vehicle modifications.

Training which will take place in Mumbai

The Training which will take place in Mumbai will be held between 13th and 15th February 2012 and will include a free demonstration and dealer service day.

The training covers all methods of tuning, from chip tuning to OBD plug tuning, to the latest Tricore tuning techniques; all are explained in simple to understand the terminology. The training includes a lively and fun mix of classroom study, hands-on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning exercises, so you can learn and develop your own tuning skills in a safe, real and hands-on tuning environment on vehicles.

You can see more details on the courses here we are here to support you all the way. We also offer excellent packages of tunings systems, training, equipment and software.

So it is time to do something different in 2012 and take control of your tuning, reply today to book your place on one of these world-class training sessions.

Places are strictly limited so please mail us today if you have any questions or to reserve your place.

For car tuning training, courses and ECU remapping classes please see https://www.remap101.co.uk For all vehicle tuning and ECU remapping for all vehicles anywhere in the world, please see https://viezu.com.