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What is the difference between a salve tuning tool and a master tuning tools?

The difference between a salve tuning tool and a master tuning tools explained ?

If you are looking at buying tuning tools, one of the first decisions will be do you want to buy a master tuning tools and software, or a slave tuning tool, but what is the difference between the two tools and which one is right for you ?

Salve tuning tool and a master tuning tools

Viezu can help with your choice, and support your set up and tuning with either option. Viezu also offer initial training and demonstrations free too – we want to make sure you make the right choice for you and your tuning business

Most tuning tool suppliers offer two types of set up, slave tuning tools and master tuning tools, and sometimes master file editing software too.

Slave tuning tools Vs Master tuning tools – whats the differences……

Do they look the same?Yes.Yes.
Do they tune the same vehicles?Yes.Yes.
Do they operate the same way?Yes.Yes.
Can I read and write a file to a vehicle?Yes.Yes.
Can I edit the file that is readNo. (read and write only)


Slave Tuning Tools can read and write a file from a vehicle. However, the tool cannot open the file for editing or medication.

Yes. (and only with map editing software)
Is the tuning tool  linked to a MasterYes.

This tool will only be in service when it is paired or linked to a Master Tuning tool

Can I write files from any file provider?No. you can only take Files from the Master Tuning System your Slave Tool is paired to.Yes. You can obtain Files from any source – including making your own (provided you have the map editing software and training to use the software).

With the right software and training can write his one files, and / or buy modified files from an unlimited number of file suppliers.


Can I be linked to more than one Master Tuning SystemNo.Not applicable.
Can I take a modified file from another Master Tuning SystemNo.Yes.
Can I open a File to see the maps?No.Yes. Master tools can read open un-encrypted files
Can I change to a different MasterYes.

Your Master may not want you to know this but yes you can move and become paired to a different Master!

You must obtain “permission” from your Master to move to another Master however!

Not applicable. You are a Master!


Can I upgrade my tool to become a Master in the future?Yes.


Many Master’s don’t tell you this, but this tool can be upgraded.

VIEZU can support the release of your Slave Tuning Tool to become a Master and can support with Training, Technical Advice and Tuning Files.

Not applicable.


VIEZU can support Master system operators with Training, Technical Advice and Tuning Files.

Is there a risk my Master wont release my Slave Tool?Yes.Not applicable.


Can I see the product being demonstrated?Yes. Contact [email protected] to arrange a visit and appointment.


This is a Free no obligation demonstration, the only commitment is your time and ours!

Yes. Contact [email protected] to arrange a visit and appointment.


This is a Free no obligation demonstration, the only commitment is your time and ours!

We hope that covers some of the key differences between the two tool options.  Slave tuning tools can also be upgraded to the master tuning tools platform too, you only have to pay the difference between the price of the two different tools. But, you can only upgrade if your current master gives permission to the upgrade. Viezu will always allow this upgrade.

Salve tuning tool and a master tuning tools

The VIEZU technical and training teams are on hand to help with any questions and, you can contact us here. Contact VIEZU.

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Alientech ECM Titanium Software

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Alientech ECM Titanium Software

Greetings Paul as well as the rest of the team at Viezu. Thank You for the opportunity you gave me as a 19 year old following his passion and unlocking a door towards success. The experience I had when I came to you was mind boggling, in plain words AMAZING. The first day on the course I exactly knew this is what I want to do.  Jonathan explained everything so well it felt like Grade 2 Maths although it was much harder then that.   The Lamborghini was definitely a first for me  and I'll remember it for the rest of my life.  But nothing beats the good old F Type that I fancy so much (wink wink).  I'll be keeping in touch with you about the future and the plans I have.  Once again thank you for you hospitality and the interesting stories, I love your country and Bidford so much I will come visit again.  Send regards towards the team. Happy Tuning 

Martin W

VTA Wrote: Thank you Martin and see you again soon!

...I have to admit I wasn’t sure at first...

Hi Paul just wanna say thanks for everything, I have to admit I wasn’t sure at first but I’m glad I picked you guys. From the word go you were more than helpful and the team off guys you got on support are top notch. Happy with the software now happy I picked the course its best thing I’ve ever done, Jonathan’s a top bloke. Thanks a million Paul.



Passionate about tuning and training

Alientech ECM Titanium Software

I would like to thank you for the time taken in the recent ECM Course and especially Jonathan. His passion for tuning and technical knowledge showed through the complete course and he must be fantastic asset to the team @ Viezu.

I have been in the motor trade all my life and it’s always fantastic when I visit a company that is so passionate about what they do and going about their business in the correct way. 

I can’t wait to having long and successful relationship with Viezu. Many Thanks.


EVC WinOLS Training

Best lecture ever!  almost a year ago you taught me things about 1.8T for a week. Now I have completed my first 1.8T project car for a client.  See video here  :)

Regards, Aurimas 

Online Training

WinOLS Online Training

"Everything is going quite well.  I had my first session with Simon and it was fantastic!  Really looking forward to the next!"

Alientech ECM Titanium Software

Viezu Technical Academy Student Video Testimonial

Viezu Technical Academy Student Video Testimonial

"A very interesting course" - See video testimonial

Tabrez S.

Alientech ECM Titanium Software

Another successful training delegate

Another successful training delegate

See video testimonial

Mohamed S.

Alientech ECM Titanium Software, EVC WinOLS & Swiftec

I have now attended the full range of courses, covering Both Alientech tuning tools, Swiftec and EVC WinOLS, I have really enjoyed my time at Viezu, I have learned so much, covering different vehicles, different ECU’s fuel types and software. I would highly recommend the training to anyone wanting to learn how to tune.   Johnson

Viezu provides training on multiple software platforms

All vehicle tuning software training in one place


3 Day Alientech Training Course

The Training Course was really good, I learned how to take the data from a car and ECU, the different ways to change the data for different levels of tune and how reinstall the data file. The trainers were really helpful I learned so much I now feel ready to go on and tune myself – thank you,   Ibrahim

Viezu Alientech Training Delegate

Alientech Training Delegate


Alientech ECM Titanium, Kess and K-Tag

 Training Course

"I learned so much about both diesel and gasoline tuning, we even covered commercial vehicle tuning. We worked on some really cool cars, and the dyno training session was fascinating, and great fun. The best parts was learning how to create custom tuning files for the cars I have back at home"


Alientech ECM Titanium Training Course

Viezu Training, experienced and recommended by Martin, SA

WinOLS Training Course - Worth every penny spent!

I wanted to thank you guys for making the trip to the US. I can say I do a lot of training at my regular job and keeping the audience attention is important.

Simon did this and more. I was on only 4 hours of sleep the first day of class and I was glued to the screen of all the great info. Over the 3 days I learned many things that has helped me move forward to greater things. This class was worth every penny spent.

Thanks again!

WinOLS training course in the USA

WinOLS training course in the USA

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