Map 3d 1 Day Advanced Masterclass

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Now that you have completed your Viezu Technical Academy Course, it’s time to take your tuning to the next level with this one day advanced course.

If you do not see the course dates and times you require or have any questions, just drop us an email, and we will be happy to help.

Remapping Training Course on MAP 3D

You will have already completed either the 3 day or 5 day training courses (online or classroom tutorial) with Viezu Technical Academy.  Now you can build on what you have learnt so far, expanding your skills set from immediate to advanced knowledge.

This advanced 1-day Remapping Training Course on MAP 3D incorporates additional aftermarket vehicle modifications, fuel upgrades, troubleshooting, investigation and more.  Also, if you have a project you are planning, this is an ideal course for you.  If you want you can bring the vehicle in question along with you on this training day and dedicate your time to it.

The Viezu Technical Academy Trainers are hugely experienced and together with Viezu’s fully equipped Workshop, your knowledge will excel within this Masterclass.


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