Swiftec Master: 3 Day Gasoline Tuning Course

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This course is perfect for tuners who want to concentrate on gasoline tuning; a highly impactful course, short and intensive 3 day remapping course of VCPowerteam Swiftec. During the course learn how to remap gasoline NA and gasoline turbo engines, from the introduction to ECU remapping building to intermediate knowledge. If you’re looking to specialise in gasoline tuning, then this course could be for you. Students will go through how to remap using Swiftec, including how to use deactivations side of Swiftec.

If you do not see the course dates and times you require or have any questions, just drop us a mail, and we will be happy to help.

During the course, we cover a range of topics, including:

  • How to use the deactivation models e.g *DPF, EGR, DTC, 02 and Speed Limiters
  • Gasoline NA Remapping
  • Gasoline Turbo Remapping

This course is offered at Viezu Technologies HQ utilising a Mustang 3000bhp dyno and relevant test and measurement equipment. Courses are hands-on and practical allowing you to practice the impact of your knowledge acquired on this course.

*DPF and emission removal is illegal in many locations around the world, it is important to note while training and software is available this is offered for motorsport use and applications and locations where removal is permitted. Please ensure you always perform and offer legal tuning services.    


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