EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Course Module 4 of 6a

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There are Two Parts to this Course exploring Map definitions, Map table logic and handling of raw data; this is a large area of study enabling you to create a Map pack and, in total expect to spend just over 4-hours in lesson time.  For your convenience, each lesson is 1 hour per session, so plenty of time to stop, refresh and then resume.

Remember, the theme for this course is about turning “data” into “information”.

  • Quality time is spent looking through the lists of data; The trainer will demonstrate each map and carefully explain how to identify its function.
  • The level of arithmetical skill required is not daunting and you will see how EVC WinOLS 5 does most of the heavy lifting for you.
  • The Trainer is an experienced tuner and will provide informative and extremely useful time saving (Project saving!) hints and tips about using EVC WinOLS 5 and will guide you through everything you need to know to identify and label maps.
  • In addition, please refer to the Course Materials attached to the lesson as it will help you actively engage with the course, and you can practice using the same Ori File as per the Trainers demonstration.
  • You also find in the course Materials a document containing a list of the commonly map parameters and the values used for creating Map Profiles.