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Top Rated Engine Tuning & ECU Remapping Courses

Find our most popular and highly-rated remapping, tuning and software courses below.


Alientech training including ECM Titanium, Kess, K-tag and more

EVC Tuning Software Demonstration


Learn WinOLS including diesel, gasoline, HGV vehicle tuning and more


Learn a wide range of tuning and remapping skills including Dyno Testing

Magic Motorsport Flex


Learn correct use and form of the tools and associated equipment.

Autotuner OBD


Learn how to use Autotuner tools and equipment.

Courses by Fuel Type

Gasoline/Petrol Tuning Modules

Diesel Tuning Modules

Learn to tune and remap from the comfort of your own home!

Our online courses are designed to be in-depth yet easy to follow, and range from introductory courses to master classes – all of which you can watch and enjoy from anywhere.