Vehicle tuning systems, tools, equipment and training explained

As you may know as well as offer ecu remapping services and car tuning software and tuning files, Viezu’s training school, the Viezu Academy also offer car tuning classes, and full technical training for ecu remapping. Here at the Viezu Academy we are often asked what software we offer training on  and what cars do we use in the training – these are very good questions, and so it’s important we explain.

At the Viezu Academy we are tied to no single tuning system or manufacture, we offer most car tuning systems and tools on the market. Where we are different is we cater for all nature of car tuners and ecu file writers. Our training is centred around writing the tuning files themselves and as such its is widely generic for most ecu remapping software on the market, we can custom tailor our training to cover specific car tuning software if needed, but the detail and principles we teach are done so in a way you can adopt them for your chosen tuning system, the courses are broken down to Diesel and Petrol (gas) tuning training days as the principles and methods are quite different in Diesel vehicle tuning as those used in Petrol tuning.

We can also make recommendations of tuning software and hardware; we offer this advice with no bias and with many years of experience. Manufactures we work with include Alien tech software, swift tech, CMD tuning system, Dimsport Genius and Race tuning system, Winols, Byteshooter, Titanium and map 3d car tuning software amongst many more

Where we are very different form all other tuning companies is we are here to support and grow your vehicle tuning, how do we do this:

  • We don’t tie you into us – if you are a client operator you can switch to another master at any time
  • If you are a client based tuner we will allow you to upgrade to a master (where possible) at any time
  • We will teach you to write your own tuning files
  • We will write you files too if you need them
  • If you already have a tuning system we will not try and sell you another – you are welcome to join us
  • We offer on going file writing support and assistance
  • We offer on going technical support

Whatever your vehicle tuning requirements, we are here to support your business as it grows and develops – please let us know if you would like any further information