Having researched for almost a year, Mr Reimonenq decided that the Viezu Technical Academy was where he wanted to go to learn how to competently write automotive ECU software and so having booked in early January 2013 he arrived at our training facility at the start of February having travelled all the way from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean.

Mr Reimonenq had already been writing files on a client basis for several years but had always wanted to “learn the art” but had been put off for years by the mist that surrounds our industry, he had also attended a basic course elsewhere and was left with many questions so was wanting a custom course in order to achieve his goals, so upon arrival, we had a lengthy discussion to appraise his needs and set about the course with the sole aim of answering all the questions he had whilst teaching him the art of file writing.

As always, day 1 consisted of a thorough understanding of the programming software, covering all aspects from how, where and why we use the different functions.

Day 2 and 3 begin with an understanding of the gasoline and diesel engines, how the sensors related to the ECU functions and why the changes in the mapping alter the way the engine runs. We covered the various maps available for each application from ignition to RPM limit and fuel pressure to torque control.

Day 4 and 5 were where it really got interesting as Mr Reimonenq moved from the classroom to the dyno cell where the maps were made for the training vehicles, showing the alterations in real life conditions, proving what works and what doesn’t.

This is absolutely vital in any form of ECU training which is why Viezu NEVER train in a classroom alone, we find that it’s all well and good being told what works but how do you know? How can you guarantee a certain modification works on a particular car, how do you know when to stop?
The answer is you can’t, dyno training is the only way to learn how to tune and our test facility is something we pride ourselves on.

So, the end result is Mr Reimonenq is now fully capable of writing Gasoline, Gasoline Turbo and Diesel engines with a clear understanding of how each reacts to the changes made. He feels capable of working on his own initiative in the tuning industry and if he needs assistance we are right behind him.