Here at Viezu Training Academy you can learn the full capacity of K-TAG along with the methods involved when needing to bench tune.  This would allow you to modify files for a much wider range of the latest vehicles. With vast experience with ECU tuning, Viezu Technologies has invested research and development resources into a variety of bench tuning techniques, while incorporating the very best bench tuning equipment.

K-TAG Training at Viezu
K-TAG Training at Viezu

Through constant development of new techniques with the latest equipment, Viezu has maintained ongoing file writing capabilities for many anti-tune ECUs when it is necessary for the ECU to be removed from the engine and ‘Bench Tuned’.

We consider K-TAG to be one of the most effective tuning tools that deals with the issue of tuning protection. K-TAG allows you to remap anti-tuning ECU’s from 2009/10 which would otherwise be un-tunable through the OBD port (Tune-Protect ECUs locked at factory level.)

Click here to see a brief informative video on KTAG.

Training is held here at our tuning headquarters in Bromsgrove, UK.  For more information, dates and prices, please contact the Technical Academy:

Tel. 01527 579345


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