ECM Titanium Gasoline Tuning Module 6 of 6

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ECM Titanium Gasoline Petrol Tuning Module 6 of 6

What is covered:

This is a continuation of the ECM Titanium Gasoline Tuning Module 5 of 6: Lesson One; if you have not completed that course, we suggest you go back and do it before proceeding here.  In the lesson we continue to compare different gasoline vehicle map types. The focus will be on the following topics:

  1. Spark advance base map tuning
  2. What is Spark Advance at Full Load and how to make the necessary modifications
  3. Exploring complimentary modifications in naturally aspirated (NA) vehicles
  4. Comparing different NA vehicles and their stock files to further understand the logic of applied modifications
Course Materials include the four vehicle type original files for you to explore and compare inside ECM
  1. Golf R G736
  2. Mercedes C63 6200cc v8
  3. Golf GTI 2.0
  4. BMW e46 316i

ECU Remapping and remap training from the VIEZU Training Academy