Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module 2 of 4

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Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training-Module 2 of 4

Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training part 2 of 4 ECM Titanium Software Courses focused on Diesel Engine tuning. This is the second of 4 Diesel tuning training courses. Taking you step by step through the use of the ECM software to create custom and bespoke remap tuning files. Learn how to identifying where we can take the vehicle to in terms of tuning. How to ensure it’s a safe increase for the vehicle and unlock the power of key torque maps and much more.

This Course contains 4 Lessons, additional courser materials and a Test your knowledge quiz at the end of each lesson. And with the appropriate pass mark – you can download your Certificate of Successful Completion.

Now you can learn from an experienced tuner with over 15 years working with the ECM software.  And tuning cars hands directly for many hundreds of tuning shops worldwide. As well as running worldwide tuning training sessions. So now you can learn this  inside knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Alientech ECM Titanium Software

This online Alientech training course is ideally studied with the Alientech ECM software installed and ready to use. Because,  if you have the software ready to use you will be able to more actively participate in the exercises and training. And also very importantly practice what you have learned  after the training course.  As such if you don’t already have your Alientech ECM software, you can find it here in the Remap101 shop: Alientech ECM

4 reviews for Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module 2 of 4

  1. Bubba

    This is the second course I have taken, really impressed so far

  2. Matt

    I have purchased all 4 Diesel courses, the training is very good.

  3. Marty (verified owner)

    Excellent course well written and very informative worth watching Viezu has made it easy to follow and they explain the theory behind it and why you doing it

  4. Awis

    I have registered, yes. I’ve done 3/4 lessons on the diesel tuning and I really enjoy it. I am confident enough to write my own diesel files now (I’ve watched the videos over and over and over again).

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