WinOls Training USA

WinOls Training USA. With the completion of SEMA 2023, it’s already time to start planning the VIEZU WinOls tuning training courses for 2024.

The UK WinOls courses are run every month. And many international customers and delegates choose to join the VIEZU team for training in the UK class groups. However, with growing demand from USA based delegates. VIEZU has now routinely started to offer tuning courses and classes around the very popular SEMA Show run in early November each year.

The SEMA show will run 5th to the 8th November 2024, and this year there will be two VIEZU WinOls Training USA based courses around the show. Before the show there will be a 3 day WinOls gasoline training course, running Saturday to Monday. And after the show a combined 3 day Diesel and Gasoline course.

WinOls Training USA
WinOls Training USA

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You can see, and book the VIEZU WinOls Training USA courses here :

What is WinOls ?

What is WinOls ? WinOLS tuning software is a professional binary editing program used in automotive reflash tuning, also known as ECU remapping. This is an on-line software that was developed to identify and modify engine control unit (ECU) parameters in cars and is commonly referred to as Win-OLS (Windows-based On-Line Service).

Tuners and calibrators can access and modify ECU maps through WinOLS’ reflash tuning process by accessing the raw hexadecimal data. A variety of performance factors are controlled by these maps, including fuel delivery, ignition timing, turbo boost pressure, DTC;s and more. Tuners can optimize these parameters to enhance the vehicle’s performance, increase power and torque output, enhance fuel efficiency, and customize its behaviour to match specific needs.

What if I cant make it to the US based WinOls training courses ?

As well as the US based WinOls training courses, VIEZU also offer a huge and ever growing range of online training options. And many students intending on joining an in house training course will opt to take a few of the online training courses first to cover some of the basics and get a feel for the software:

See the Online WinOls Training Here:


Are there other locations I can take WinOls training in the USA

Yes, in 2024 VIEZU USA will also be offering live dyno based WinOls training in class. VIEZU USA is based in Utah. And a number of training courses will be offering both Diesel and Gasoline training on the WinOls software.

You can see more on VIEZU USA here:

And it you don’t already have a full copy of the WinOls software you can see, and purchase it here in the shop:  Buy Here.