Fixwave Software

Fixwave Software. You can find the latest generation of software for the deletion of  DTCs or vehicle software right here! Fixwave may be just what you’re looking for. Turnkey simplicity is offered by Fixwave when it comes to removing unwanted software functionality from your vehicle, such as speed limiter removal. RPM, swirlflaps, etc. Furthermore, it will remove and delete DTCs associated with a wide range of functions and trouble codes. Such as, DPF, EGR, PPF and OPF deletion, and more.*

Fixwave Tuning Software

The tuning maps and control files don’t have to be hunted through pages and pages. You can remove functions like a pro in seconds with Fixwave and just a few minutes of training online.

There is literally a push button deactivation option in the Fixwave software. The user interface could not be easier to use

Support and training are also provided for free.

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Here is a full list of the functions Fixwave can remove:

  • EGR deletion, exhaust gas recirculation

  • Deleting DPFs (diesel particulate filters)

  • Actuator for throttle valves

  • Removing the swirl flaps

  • Activated grill shutters

  • The secondary air pump

  • Remove torque monitoring

  • Removing Evaporative Emission Systems

  • Detection of gasoline particulate filters

  • Removal of NOX sensors

  • Dashboard displays bhp/nm

  • The OBD testing system “passes” the readiness tests.

  • Deleting speed limiters

  • Deletion of Neutral RPM limit

  • Removing tuning protection

  • Remove mass air flow

  • The removal of Adblue

In addition, Fixwave tuning software provides excellent value. It offers deactivation features and removal functions that are unmatched by other available software. You can also pay as you go on a monthly basis

The remap 101 shop offers both options. The installation can be completed the very same day worldwide, there is no VAT for international customers, no import duty and no shipping charges.  Shop Here

You can now remove fault codes and delete functions cheaper and easier than ever before.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or need advice from the technical support team.

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*DPF and emission removal is illegal in many locations around the world, it is important to note while training and software is available this is offered for motorsport use and applications and locations where removal is permitted. Please ensure you always perform and offer legal tuning services.