Mustang Dynomometers and Rolling Roads for Tuning

The Viezu Academy now has a brand new Mustang AWD rolling road and dynamometer for all training delegates to use and be trained on.

The training and ecu remapping training we offer at the academy covers all methods of tuning, from good old chip tuning, to OBD plug tuning, to the latest Tricore tuning techniques, all are explained in simple to understand terminology. The training includes a lively and fun mix of class room study, hands on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning exercises, so you can learn and develop your tuning in a safe and hands on tuning environment.

We strongly believe the dyno tuning, data logging and training sessions we include in our training is absolutely essential, you can only learn car tuning theory in a classroom, so each delegate will have significant dyno time, practicing and perfecting their tuning skills in a real life dyno situation, with full support and coaching.

For this reason we must have only the very best testing and measuring equipment, when looking for a new dyno Mustang was the logical choice you can see more information on the Mustang range here:

At Viezu we treat vehicle tuning and training very seriously, for this reason we have invested heavily in our training, research and development centre, we operate the very latest emission testing, rolling road, data logging and vehicle testing systems available.

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