Euro car tuning courses and remap training – coming to Canada

After a great weeks car tuning training last week in Ohio USA – we are seeing more and more requests for the Viezu car tuning course and ecu remapping Academy training courses from Canada and across the USA, over half last weeks class was made up of professional Canadian car tuners, so for the first time the Viezu Academy is now looking to hold euro car tuning and ecu remapping courses and classes in Canada. Viezu already has a number of dealers in Canada, but we think its about time we helps the training courses there too.

Dates are still to be confirmed  but we are aiming for August / September for our first classes and will then roll out further dates for spring next year.

If you are interested in Euro car tuning, including VW, Audi, BME, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche or other euro cars, be it petrol or diesel we are here to help, we already hold courses around the world, and now in Canada too,  please see, or  mail us at