EVC WinOLS How to Copy and Reuse Tuning Files Online Course

Another great new online WinOLS training course goes live – EVC WinOLS How to Copy and Reuse Tuning Files.

See the online course here: ECV WinOls how to copy and reuse tuning files.

When you first use WinOls for tuning and ECU remapping. You will quickly want to know how to reuse a tuning file from another vehicle. Its one of the first things you’ll need to know. You will probably save more time, money and effort by understanding this process than with any other tuning hack.

This WinOls training course will teach you:

  • A guide to using the feature that allows you to import map changes
  • Set up “connect windows” correctly and use it correctly
  • Adding modified data to another project
  • Finding the offset between two projects in the correct way
  • Data matching between two projects: how to identify them

EVC WinOLS How to Copy and Reuse Tuning Files Online Course overview:

Using EVC WinOLS, this course will teach you how to successfully duplicate tuning parameters and modifications to another project for the same engine and ECU.  In addition to saving time, this skill also allows you to safely reuse a tried and tested file from your database on another vehicle, which is an incredibly powerful skill for all EVC WinOLS users to know.

ECV WinOLs tuning software has been used by the trainer for over 15 years. The Master Tuning map writing course he has taught has been delivered all over the world.  These tuning and remapping courses are now available to you at your convenience.  Grow your tuning knowledge and gain first-hand experience from the experts.

The best is yet to come…

It is possible to take and watch the training courses several times if you do not understand something the first time around. You can view it again. The training session can also be paused and restarted. For taking notes, taking a break, or practicing what you’ve learned.

EVC WinOLS How to Copy and Reuse Tuning Files Online Course
EVC WinOLS How to Copy and Reuse Tuning Files Online Course

The EVC WinOLS Tuning Software

You will not need the EVC WinOls software to complete these courses. However, for the technical aspects of the lesson, it’s recommended that you have a copy of the software open and ready to go so that you can participate.

Tuning software for EVC WinOls is available here in the Remap 101 tuning shop if you don’t already have it https://www.remap101.co.uk/product/winols-5-tuning-software-evc/

Files for tuning 

You may be interested in knowing that VIEZU offers Tuning software and remap files for most vehicles that you can download and load immediately.  Our support team is available 7 days a week to help you with tuning files, so mail them at info@viezu.com if you need it.