Master Tuning Class for Client Dealers – learn to tune cars and ecu software

Having been a client dealer for several years, Matthew Horner was ready for the next step. This is a familiar story and one of the main reasons we set up the Viezu Technical Academy. For some people, the security of a file written without any hassle is great, no worry or concern and a fantastic addition to your business allowing you to take a read of a car, email the file and within the hour have a quality tune file returned, ready to upload to the car without fuss. But…. for others, the lure of wanting to be able to write their own tune files is like an itch that really needs to be scratched. The next step, the way forward, the future.

Wanting to become a file writer was only the beginning for Matthew, he researched for quite some time and after a quick email to Viezu was given all the information he needed to realise that the next logical step was to attend one of the VTA courses in the UK.

Matthew attended the June course held at our UK headquarters in Bromsgrove for a one day master class, a highly intensive course aimed at giving an instant insight into the world of ECU remapping and file calibration. The day usually starts with a quick chat about background knowledge and then immediately into tuning, the why’s, why not’s and how’s of engine recalibration. Our students are always surprised at just how much we can cover in a day but that’s the beauty of the Viezu Technical Academy, we have taken all aspects of engine remapping and built it into easy to understand courses that can be suited to all levels of capabilities, ranging from single day introductions to week long courses covering ECU remapping, KTag bench flashing and chiptuning.

If you have been thinking about what your next move in the tuning industry is going to be, you know what to do. email us at for more info on our courses, held in the UK, Europe, UAE, USA, Asia and South Africa. Remember, whatever your requirements, we have a course to suit.