Moscow Mims Car Show  – Chip Tuning and ECU Remapping Training in Russia

Viezu and the Viezu Technical Academy had a simply amazing week in Russia at the Mims and Automechanika show. The Russian tuning market is simply crying out for quality chip tuning and ecu remapping services and training.

The Russian chip tuning and ecu remapping market is developing fast with strong customer awareness and demand, as such there is significant requirement for tuning and car tuning training. The Russian Mims and Automechanika show were combined this year to deliver a huge car tuning show and exhibition.

Viezu were at the show exhibiting both their client based and full master tuning systems, as well as the range of Viezu Academy range of tuning courses, classes, software and ecu map writing courses.

The client version of the Viezu car tuning system is so easy to use, training can be given simply and easily over skype worldwide, so there is no need to come to the UK for training, alternatively the Academy offer world class training for car tuners the world over, covering all aspects of car tuning and tuning equipment

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