Mustang Dyne Ohio ECU recalibration course and  car tuning training July 2013

2013 Mustang Dyne ECU recalibration and tuning course.

Held at the global HQ of Mustang Dyne in Cleveland, Ohio on July 29th, 30th and 31st we bring to you the worlds most comprehensive, easy to understand 3 day engine tuning course covering all aspects of OEM ECU tuning and remapping.

Viezu has successfully established itself as one of the leading vehicle tuning companies in the world, supporting over 400 dealers. Through our award winning tuning services we have developed a name and reputation for providing consultation, research and development to some of the world’s best automotive brands in manufacturers, race, vehicle stylists and tuners alike.

As I am sure you are aware, there are number of ways of getting into tuning and ecu remapping. The easiest and cheapest way is to take a “client” tuning system, this links you to a file writer and so you don’t have to write your own files. Its quick and easy and you can be tuning with just a few hours of free training where ever you are in the world. You can’t though use a “client” tuning system to write your own files, simply supply those being written for you, many tuning companies operate like this and it does have some advantages, if you are looking for a quick cost effective start into tuning we can arrange this for you very easily and for under £1500 we can have you fully set up and ready to tune – it can be a great low cost way to start.

Alternatively you can chose to learn to write your own tuning files and operate what is known as a master tuning system, the advantage here is that with training and time you can become a master file writer, writing your own software and offering a very custom service, master tuning tools do tend to be a little more expensive and will need more in depth training to operate, but then you are free to develop your own tuning.

The good news is at Viezu we can help you either way, we offer a huge range of tuning systems and tools, some of which can be switched from client to master when you are ready, so truly keeping your options open, allowing you to start as a client and when ready and trained move to a master tuning system. Our training assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and covers from the very beginning to advanced levels of tuning, the tools, equipment and principles of tuning. (a sample application list is attached)

We can base the course on various tuning tools and software, we operate them all so know the benefits of each and are happy to offer advice where required. We also offer training for all vehicles, including, cars, vans, HGV, plant and marine applications. Offering performance, fuel economy, carbon reduction, DPF delete, Gasoline and Diesel elements to our training. Do you have any specific requirement to use a certain tool, or cover a particular vehicle make / model ?

You will need some more in depth training, you will be pleased to know we offer a range of tuning courses. Realistically you would need to attend at least two, the first is always a mapping software course, this is the foundation to tuning any vehicle, then followed by either petrol tuning session, diesel tuning, or you may of course choose to cover both. The days are £895 per session and there are discounts for multiple delegates from the same company, we run most courses most months. – and very importantly – you’re not on your own after the training, fully included is 28days support, so you can practice and fine tune your training after the course with our full support.

The training covers all methods of tuning, from good old chip tuning, to OBD plug tuning, to the latest Tricore tuning techniques, all are explained in simple to understand terminology. The training includes a lively and fun mix of class room study, hands on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning exercises, so you can learn and develop your tuning in a safe and hands on tuning environment. Hard and software is supplied for the training, so no pre-purchased is required.

At Viezu we treat tuning and training very seriously, for this reason we have invested heavily in our training, research and development centre, we operate the very latest emission testing, rolling road, data logging and vehicle testing systems available.

We strongly believe the dyno tuning, data logging and training sessions we include in our training is absolutely essential, you can only learn theory in a classroom, so each delegate will have significant dyno time, practicing and perfecting their tuning skills in a real life dyno situation, with full support and coaching. As a delegate you will benefit from our endless research and dealer support services. No one else comes close to offering this level of support and training in the industry.

Viezu Technical Academy

Tailor-made training and development programmes and one-on-one sessions can also be provided at our purpose built training facility housing our 3000bhp rolling road.

Viezu services including our tuning training also ISO Certified, and we are the only tuning provider we know of to comply to the International Standards Organisations 9001 Quality Management Series of Standards as audited by the British Standards Institute.

Once you have participated in your chosen training, you will be awarded your certificate and proof of training, then you will be well on the way to being a confident file writer. For your added support though the courses include after training technical support and assistance, as well as a master file supply service too if required.

You can see more details on the courses and some of the scheduled training dates here: we are here to support you all the way. We can offer excellent packages of tunings system, training, equipment and software to suit all budgets. If you are available we would love to meet you so that we can show you our great training facilities, you can see some of the systems and tools, we can arrange a demonstration and you can meet the training team, alternatively if you can’t make it we are on skype too, so we can arrange an online tour and Q&A session.

We do offer training globally and come to the USA at least twice a year and will be in both Charleston SC in September and Las Vegas in November for the SEMA show so if this would be suitable please let us know and we can pass on the dates for you.

If you need further details please let us know and we will arrange some further information for you.

*DPF and emission removal is illegal in many locations around the world, it is important to note while training and software is available this is offered for motorsport use and applications and locations where removal is permitted. Please ensure you always perform and offer legal tuning services.