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  • Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware


    Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware Only This product is an Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool: this product represents the hardware unit only. With the basic cable set and does not have the protocols. Therefore commonly referred to as a Blank Tool. Which means its  with no protocols or software included.  The protocols and software are usually…

  • Sale! Powergate Tuning Tool

    Alientech POWERGATE


    Alientech POWERGATE

    Alientech Powergate is a one vehicle tuning tool. It is the perfect solution allow tuning for retail customers that are not with you the tuner. Or want the ability to take change their own tuning and ecu remapping software. Meaning the customer can tune and reset to stock as often as they want. Anywhere and any time without having to return to the tuner.

    The new Powergate will help you reach more customers. Offering both tuning by post and the ability to hold a number of different tuning settings for the same car, for the customer to choose from

  • bFlash

    bFlash Tuning Tool

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    bFlash offers complete protocols across a targeted range of vehicles, enabling you to offer ECU and TCU tuning via OBD, Bench, and Boot connections with this stable and reliable tool for key vehicles including BMWs, VAG vehicles (including Simos 19 ECUs) and Flexray Jaguars. Available as a Master or Client tool, bFlash enables you to not just fulfil your customers’ needs but even take on your own R&D projects thanks to the extensive data provided by this tool.

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