Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware

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Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware Only

This product is an Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool: this product represents the hardware unit only. With the basic cable set and does not have the protocols. Therefore commonly referred to as a Blank Tool. Which means its  with no protocols or software included.  The protocols and software are usually purchased separately according to your requirements. For more than ten years, Alientech products are proven to be robust, fast and extremely reliable. The Alientech KESS is probably  the most successful and popular tuning system, software and tool  in the tuning industry.

Alientech KESS 3 is an upgrade from Alientech KESS V2 and the K-Tag Tuning Tools

Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware and Cable Set. The Alientech KESS3 replaces both the Alientech KESSv2 Tool and Alientech K-Tag Bench Tuning Tool.  Therefore Alientech KESS3 is a multi-use Tuning Tool combining both functions of the Alientech KESSS v2 Tool and the Alientech K-Tag Tool. So, in one cost effective tool you have the ability to perform OBD , Bench and Boot Tuning Methods.

FREE Video on KESS3 Functions

Click the links below for a FREE demonstration of Alientech KESS3, please enrol free of charge on this web site to watch these demonstration videos for FREE.

  1. Alientech KESS 3 OBD Remap Methods
  2. KESS3 Bench Remapping Demonstration of Method
  3. Alientech KESS3 Boot Remapping Method Demonstration

Benefits of Buying a Blank KESS3 Tuning Tool

Alientech KESS3 has the ability to be active either as a KESS 3 Master Remap Tool or, a KESS3 Slave Remapping Tool. In addition, it can be activated as either OBD, Bench, Boot, or Both.  In one KESS 3 unit you get both an OBD Tuning Tool and Bench, Boot Remapping Tool wrapped up in a single device.

Greater Coverage and Affordability = Profitability

With increased vehicle remapping capability and having access to all the remapping methods.  Alientech KESS3 offers extensive vehicle type coverage and flexibility.  The opportunity to remap more vehicles from one tool. Combined with regular updates from Alientech and the ability to move/upgrade from Slave to Master; the affordability and flexibility offers you a strong potential to increase profits.

Flexible Protocol Options

You can add protocols (vehicle coverage) right here in our online shop too. Just select from Cars, Bikes, Agricultural, Trucks and Marine Protocols, or any combination of the protocol packages. With both Slave and Master Options available. If you need more information before you purchase, please contact Viezu at and we can assist you in selecting the right protocols for your remapping business.

Each Alientech KESS3 with Slave protocols, must be link to a KESS3 with Master protocols who will provide your tuning files, software, and support. If you don’t have a master ready to support you, we can do this directly. If you do have a master tuning file provider ready to support, you please confirm the details of the master the KESS3 at time of order and we will do the rest.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 15 cm

6 reviews for Alientech KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware

  1. Kevin

    Purchased my Kess 3 and very happy, its fast, and reliable and the technical support from these was really great – thank you

  2. Brad

    Ha ha, purchased from the USA, arrived in 2 days and did not pay any tax, over 30% cheaper than at home – well happy with that 🙂

  3. Speed King

    Super service, thanks

  4. Will

    Purchased Kess3, ECM and 2 training courses, service was really good, loved the training courses.

  5. Josh

    Great too, great service, thanks

  6. Greg

    Very fast – arrived the next day

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