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Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware



Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool Hardware Unit.

The Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware should be the starting point in using the Magic Motorsport tuning system.  Unlike most tuning system and tools, Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning system does not automatically come as either a master or slave tuning tool.  The tool is sold as hardware only. Ready to add vehicle tuning activations and protocols. These can be master or slave protocols, full activation, or single protocol groups.

For this reason the Flex tuning tool and system can be set up in a very custom and bespoke format – no wonder they call it FLEX!  Single ecu protocols, or groups of vehicles such as  motorbikes, cars and specifically gearbox tuning. The flexibility of the configuration makes it an impressive and very well prices tuning tool to have in teh arsenal.

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware
Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware

Magic Flex Tuning FLK02 – FLEX Full Kit HW

The Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning system is nice and straight forward to use. Many vehicles and ECUs can be tuned directly through the OBD port, with good simple connection and tuning. Car, van and motorbike coverage is considerable, with most vehicles being tunable.  Covering most cars, bikes, vans, and light commercial vehicles. Simply purchase a Flex tuning hardware tool, and them choose the software protocols for the vehicles you wish to tune. To operate your system, you will also require internet access, laptop, with windows software, and a good car battery charger with 25amp charging capability.

The Flexbox tool also offers BDM, Bootloader, JTAG and AUD tunings for non OBD tunable vehicles. This can include repairing and cloning of ECUs. The two tool devices together offer unrivalled tuning options and cover.

Set up and training comes with the purchase for the OBD tuning and ECU remapping. And further bench tuning, and flexbox tuning is available as well as tuning training and file writing courses if required.

Tax free and international sales are welcome. Worldwide shipping and training is available too

Available as master or slave, and all at trade price, the software activations include :

Flex Infineon Tricore TC17xx

Siemens C165/166/167



Bike ECU OBD + Bench

Full Flex SW Package

Flex TCU OBD + Bench

Motorola MPC5xx


AUD Renesas SH7xxxx

Please let us know which protocols you would like to add to your Flex tuning tool


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