Magic Motorsport Slave Activation for Flex Tuning Tool

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Magic Motorsport Slave Activation for Flex Tuning tool

Software, Magic Motorsport Slave Activation for Flex Tuning Tool. If you now have the Magic Motorsport Tuning tool hardware. Next, you will need to activate some tuning protocols, so you can use your tuning system. With Magic, the tool is not assigned as a Master or Slave tool. It is simply a hardware unit.  With the Flex tool, it is the software you add to the device that designates it as a master or a slave tuning tool.

Hardware, all software options, and all accessories for the Magic Motorsport Slave tuning tools are available and in stock. Probably the most popular software set up is Car/ Bikes/ Vans – that is this time here in the shop. This will cover both OBF tuning and Bench tuning with the Magic Flexbox.

The options and flexibility do mean the Magic Flex tool is very adaptable. So you can add additional converge if and when you need it.  Offering a choice of ECU protocols,  or groups such as cars or gearboxes. This flexibility makes the Flex tuning tool a cost-effective must have option for your tuning business.

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware
Magic Motorsport Slave Activation for Flex Tuning Tool

Magic Motorsport Slave Flex Tuning

The Magic Motorsport slave tuning tool, offers user-friendly reading and writing of tuning files and software.  The OBD tuning application list and vehicle list is vast  ( current application list available on request) its fair to say most cars can be tuned directly through the OBD port.

Some ECU’s may not be support for OBD tuning. Where this is the case the Magic Motorsport Flexbox will offer more tuning options. The Flexbox is also suitable for repairing and cloning vehicles ECUs too. The Flexbox addition covers BDM, Bootloader, JTAG and AUD tuning. These two tuning modules together give huge tuning coverage and make for a powerful tool base for any tuning operation.

Full setup and tool training comes with the OBD tuning device. Additional tuning training is available tuning file creation, and use of the Flexbox connection and use.

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  1. Christiane

    I use Magic slave tool, it is good

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