Alientech KESS3 Slave – Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols activation


Alientech KESS3 Slave – Bike – ATV & UTV Bench-Boot Protocols activation

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Alientech KESS3 Slave Bench-Boot Protocol activation for Bike, ATV, and UTVs. Included 12 months of subscription.
The Alientech KESS3 replaces the Alientech KESSv2 and Alientech K-Tag which have probably been the most popular tuning system and tool anywhere over the past 10 years or more. )
Unlike the previous Alientech tuning tools. The KESS3 has the ability to be activated either as a Kess3 Master tuning tool, or a Kess3 Slave tuning tool. In addition, it can be activated as either OBD, Bench / boot, or Both. So the one single Kess3 can offer both OBD tuning and Bench / Boot tuning from one device.

As such, the new Kess3 offers unbelievable coverage and flexibility. This combined with regular updates, low running costs and ability to move from slave to master. And OBD to Bench / Boot makes the Alientech KESS3 the leading tuning tool. The Alientech KESS3 does not come with tuning protocols as standard, this item is the hardware and basics cable set.

You can add protocols (vehicle coverage) in our online shop too.  Just select from Cars, Bikes, Agricultural/trucks, and Marine protocols, or any combination of the protocol packages. If in doubt, please ask If you would like a demonstration of the Alientech KESS3 tuning system. If you contact our support team and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

For Each Alientech KESS3 purchased with Slave protocols, you will need to link it to a KESS3 with Master protocols who will provide your tuning files, software, and support. If you don’t have a master ready to support you, we can do this directly. If you do have a master tuning file provider ready to support you, please confirm the details of the master the KESS3 with slave protocols is to be paired to at the time of order, and we will do the rest.

KESS 3 Training

You can see more on how to use and tune with the Alientech KESS3 here

Alientech tuning training courses, software training, and tuning files provided 7 days a week, 364 days per year. If you don’t see what you are looking for mail us

Master tuning file and ecu remapping courses are also available online and in class at VIEZU

Alientech KESS 3 is an upgrade from Alientech KESS V2 and the K-Tag Tuning Tools

KESS3 Tuning Tool Hardware and Cable Set from Alientech. The Alientech KESS3 replaces the Alientech KESSv2 Tool as well as the Alientech K-Tag Bench Tuning Tool.  Alientech KESS3 is therefore a multi-purpose Tuning Tool that combines KESSS v2 and K-Tag functions. So, you have the option of performing OBD, Bench, and Boot tuning methods in one cost-effective tool.

FREE Video on KESS3 Functions

You can watch a FREE demonstration of Alientech KESS3 below. Enroll on this site to watch these videos.

  1. Alientech KESS 3 OBD Remap Methods
  2. KESS3 Bench Remapping Demonstration of Method
  3. Alientech KESS3 Boot Remapping Method Demonstration

Benefits of Buying a Blank KESS3 Tuning Tool

You can use Alientech KESS3 as either a KESS 3 Master Remap Tool or KESS 3 Slave Remap Tool. Additionally, you can select either OBD, Bench, Boot, or both.  Essentially, you get the OBD Tuning Tool, Bench, and Boot Remapping Tool all in one device when you buy the KESS 3.

Greater Coverage and Affordability = Profitability

With access to all remapping methods and increased vehicle remapping capability.  KESS3 offers comprehensive coverage of vehicles and a flexible configuration.  This gives users the option to remap more vehicles using one tool. The affordability and flexibility, coupled with regular updates from Alientech, offers tremendous potential for increasing profits.

Flexible Protocol Options

Protocols (vehicle coverage) can also be added right here in our online shop. You can choose from Cars, Bikes, Agricultural, Trucks, and Marine Protocol Packages or a combination. There are also Slave and Master options available. If you need more information before purchasing, please contact Viezu at and we will be able to assist you in determining which protocol is most appropriate for your remapping business.

In order to access your tuning files, software, and support, each Alientech KESS3 with Slave protocols needs to be linked with a KESS3 with Master protocols. If you don’t have a master, we can support you directly. If you do have a master tuning file provider ready to support, you please confirm the details of the master the KESS3 at time of order and we will do the rest.