Dimsport Training Race 2000 Masterclass: 5 Day Advanced Training (Diesel & Gasoline)

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Dimsport Race 2000 Masterclass: 5 Day Advanced Training (Diesel & Gasoline)

An intensive 5-day course on Dimsport’s Race 2000 software. This software is perfect for all skills levels even if you’re a complete beginner. The course starts with an introduction to ECU remapping and a complete tour of the Race software.  This provides the basis on which to build upon during the week-long course; the end goal to get you to producing quality remaps independently.

If you don’t see the training dates you are looking for, please e-mail the team at info@viezu.com

Dimsport Training Race 2000 Masterclass: 5 Day Advanced Training (Diesel & Gasoline)

5 Day Advanced Dimsport Training Race 2000 tuning and training course. In this Dimsport tuning training course we will cover both Diesel and Gasoline / petrol engine tuning and remapping. As such the training focusses on the Dimsport tuning and map writing software ” Race 200″ In addition, this 5 day training course is the full entry level tuning. This it is the full master training course across one fully packed 5 days of training. 

The 5 day training courses are the most popular we offer. As such the training starts with the basics and progresses to advance use of the tuning software. Therefore covering both fuel types. As well as custom tuning and modified vehicles, power, performance and fuel economy tuning tuning and more.  

Dimsport Training Race 2000
Dimsport Training Race 2000

During the Dimsport Race 2000 Masterclass Course you will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Introduction ECU-Remapping
  • Diesel engines
  • Fuel Injection systems
  • Air intake system
  • Supercharging system
  • Antipollution and emission systems
  • ECU: The Engine Control Unit
  • Tuning Case Studies
  • Dimsport software uses
  • Drivers and map packs
  • Diesel Engine Tuning
  • Diesel Turbo tuning
  • Petrol/ Gasoline Engine Tuning
  • Petrol Turbo Tuning
  • Stage tuning and modifications
  • DTC and deactivating engine functions

Also covered, installation of the Race 200 tuning software and use of the Dimsport Genius tuning tool. Race 200 software, through to its use to find and alter ecu maps and tables. The options to display and change ecm software information. And of course, what to change to obtain the best results you are looking for. Moving limiters, boost control maps, fuel, torque limiters, speed limiters, DTC codes,  spark-advance, and much more. Scaling maps for vehicle upgrades and modifications will also be covered.  How to use, re-use and copy tuning files, or elements of tuning files, for fast accurate tuning results.

This course is offered at Viezu Technologies’ research and development centre utilising a 3000bhp Mustang dyno and relevant test and measurement equipment. Courses are designed to be hands-on and practical allowing you to verify the knowledge you have acquired.


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