EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module 6 of 6a

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EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Training Online Module 6 of 6a

Module 6 of 6 is a comprehensive session, for your cost convenience we have divided this Module in two parts and both should be taken consecutively.

  • EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Training Module 6 of 6a
  • EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Training Module 6 of 6b

What is covered in EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module 6 of 6a:

  1. How to begin making modifications to the Original File
  2. How to undo or, revert modifications back to the original file state
  3. The A B C method to making changes
  4. ‘Peak Torque’ Vs ‘Optimum Torque’
  5. Modifying Torque Limiters
  6. Saving a version with notes

The tutor taking this course has been tuning with the ECV WinOLs software for over 15 years and has taken master tuning map writing courses and training sessions in the USA, China, The Middle East, South Africa and more global destinations with huge success.  Now, from the comfort of your own home , you can also learn first-hand the insider master tuning knowledge.

It’s important to get the most out of this online EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Training session. As such, we would suggest you take the previous modules in the series. This will assist your full understand of the logic and flow of the courses.  This online training course is the6th in the series of WinOls Diesel tuning training courses as mentioned – it is so comprehensive we’ve divided it in two parts to make it cost convenient for you.

But wait, it gets better….

Each training session can be watched multiple times. As such, one of the great things about the online training is if you did not quite understanding something. You can watch it again, and again and again until you master it. And you can pause and restart too. Hence giving you time to take notes, or even practice what you have just seen

The WinOLS Software

You don’t have to own EVC WinOls software to complete these online EVC WinOls training courses, however, its not ideal if you don’t.

We want you to get the best training experience and best value for money. As such, you really should consider getting the software to actively participate in the training. And be able to go on to practice what you have learnt before progressing to further sessions. If you do not already have a full version of EVC WinOls tuning software, you can see it here in the Remap 101 tuning shop Tuning software 

1 review for EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module 6 of 6a

  1. Nate

    Training was very good. Completed all the Diesel sessions now, I have to say, it was good. Will do the Gasoline next.

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