Where to buy Alientech Kess3    

Where to buy Alientech Kess3.  Alientech have now released the new Alientech Kess3 remapping and tuning system. Its faster, easier to use and of course it offers OBD tuning and Bench tuning all in one tuning device. And with Alientech you know its going to be reliable and well supported – but where is teh best place to buy your new Kess3 tuning system from ?

Where to buy Alientech Kess3  
Where to buy Alientech Kess3

Alientech Kess 3 Master tuning tool

If you are looking for an Alientech Master kess3 tuning tool its not quite so important who the seller is and the quality of the tuning files they supply. some sellers do lock their masters in to their support service though and insist you purchase all upgrades and subscriptions from them. So it is one to check before you buy. In addition to that what you really want of course is fast delivery, with good technical support. And ideally some training on the new tool.

The VIEZU technical academy Remap101, is the largest approved supplier of Alientech tuning and remapping tools and software in Europe. The Kess 3 are kept in stock ready to ship anywhere in teh world. Or of course you can come and collect and meet the team if you are able to.  Cables and accessories will be in stock for you too.  The master protocols and activations are of course all available to choose from, and the experienced support team is on hand to help with any questions.

international sales and shipping is available, Alientech kess3 master sales are tax free. Both on the tuning hardware, and the protocol activations are tax free, and because we only ship the hardware unit, there is very little import duty too.

In addition, installation, set up support, and training comes with all tuning tools purchased. And there is live technical support open 7 days a week.  And if you need tuning files too, there is live tuning file and ECU remapping file service available to both master tuners, and slave dealers in exactly the same way. You can learn more about the remap file service here :   https://viezu.com/services/tuning-files/

Where to buy Alientech Kess3  
Where to buy Alientech Kess3

Alientech Kess 3 Slave tuning tool

If it is an Alientech Kess 3 salve you are looking for there are a couple more pitfalls to watch out for. While the Kess hardware device is nether designated a salve or master unit when new. Once the slave activation protocols are added, the Kess 3 unit will be paired to the master that sold it to you.

Only the master can provide services to your tool. As such, it is vital that you know and understand who the master is. And importantly what their operating conditions and service agreement is. The hours they are open and available to you and of course what sot of tuning file service and quality they offer. Not all tuning providers are open 7 days a week and not all tuning files are of teh right quality for your business.

Where to buy Alientech Kess3  
Where to buy Alientech Kess3

The important questions before you buy a slave tuning tool :

When buying an Alientech Kess 3 from a service provider you haven’t used before. The following questions are important:

    • Is the tuning tool owned outright – is it now your property?
    • Can the tuning tool can be moved to another provider without any questions or conditions if you are unsatisfied with the file and support service
    • Does the company have a dyno for testing the quality of the tuning files
    • Is it a seven day a week service

If the answer is no to any of these questions its a good idea to look at another seller.

With Remap101 salve tools are not locked into the remap service. We of course really hope you will like the remap file service and the technical support. However,  you can move to another provider any time you want. In addition, slave tuning tools can be also be purchased and joined to any master tuning provider you want. There is to tie to the VIEZU file and support service if you done want. You can still purchase your new Kess3 tuning tool, And just let the ales team which master you would like to join.

The VIEZU technical support service, and remap files are open 7 days a week, from 7am GMT every day. The tuning remap files are guaranteed, independently insured. And also come with a lifetime software warranty, and a 30-day trial. Remap 101 offer a worldwide service, the tool sales,  software and tuning files are tax free too for international customers.

You can see more on the VIEZU dealer services here : https://viezu.com/dealers/become-a-dealer/

Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool
Alientech Kess3

Learn more about the Alientech Kess3

If you would like to know more about the new Alientech Kess3 please see this page where you will find details and training videos. Alientech Kess 3

Alternatively,  the Kess3 and teh protocols are listed in teh Remap101 shop here: Kess 3 shop 

Please feel free to mail us, or call with any questions info@VIEZU.com