Car Tuning Classes and ECU Remapping courses in the Middle East

This week for the first time the Viezu Training Academy is holding is world-class car tuning training sessions on-site and on location in Dubai. The Viezu car tuning training course being held has been specially put together to cover vehicles and tuning for the Middle East Region.

The Viezu training is extensive and very detailed, covering how to download car ECU files, how to find the files key for tuning, how to change them and by how much, nothing is left out of the course, including how to copy ECU remap files, re-use and clone tuning files.

This week special 3 day gasoline tuning training is especially tailored to the European gasoline vehicles from the middle east region, our next session will include USA, Canada, and Australia – so if want to know everything about car tuning – get in contact now and book your place on one of this year’s car tuning training sessions, you can see more detail here:  And a list of upcoming dates here:

We would love to see you if you can make it to the show e-mail us  or see us at