Car tuning training courses hands on!

Lets get hands on with the VTA car tuning training courses! As well as the very popular online training courses the VIEZU Technical Academy offer. There is also a very full range of hands on and face to face training courses that are held in house at the VTA training facility.

The online training sessions are us super fast, packed full of knowledge and great training material. But sometimes you just cant beat getting hands on with the software and time face to face with an experienced professional trainer. The other benefit of course of joining us at teh VTA training school is you can get hands on with the tuning cars live on the VIEZU rolling road.  Writing your own tuning files and testing them live on a car on the rolling road.

Car tuning training
Car tuning training


The on site training courses are held in very small groups, typically just 4 students in each session. So you get maximum learning time with the trainer.  Tuning Training courses are available for most most main stream OEM ECU tuning software’s. Courses are available for Alientech ECM tuning software, Dimsport race 2000 software, Mad3d, Swiftec training, and EVC WinOls.

car tuning remap training
Car tuning remap training

In house ECU remapping training courses

In house training courses typically take one of the following formats

If  you do not already have your tuning tools and software. VIEZU offer most tuning tools, hardware and software at trade prices. And if you are in the UK finance options are available too for both tools and training courses. Tools in stock include Alientech tuning tools, CMD, Magic Motorsport Flex, Dimsport Genius and Autotuner.

Viezu car tuning training centre
The VIEZU Car tuning training centre

You can see the in house training courses here: Training Courses

International students are of course welcome, if you need travel or accommodation advice please get in touch. And please do let us know if you need any help or advice when choosing your training course, tools or software