Car Tuning Available K-Tag / J-Tag

The new K-tag / J-Tag Tuning system is the very latest car tuning technology and ECU remapping software, it’s groundbreaking coverage and the application list is set to change the ECU remapping and car tuning industry,  the Viezu academy will be offering full and in-depth support offing:

BDM Tuning training – chip tuning

K-tag training (System set up, ECU removal, K-Tag reading/writing)

J-tag  training (System set up, ECU removal, K-Tag reading/writing)

If you are serious about your tuning the combination of Viezu’s OBD flash tuning system and K-Tag tuning software will offer unrivalled tuning coverage and applications, coupled with Viezu’s fully insured files, 30-day money back promise, marketing, dealer support and world class-leading technical service make a very formidable tuning package

Don’t just buy a system, come to us for free advice and industry-leading training and support for all your car tuning and K-Tag training needs.

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