Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module 4 of 4

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Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module 4 of 4

This is the 4th instalment of the Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module Series using Alientech ECM Titanium Map Editing Software.  These first 4 training modules form the basic introductory sessions on using the Alientech ECM tuning software to tune diesel engines. Its important to take the courses in order so that your knowledge grows. As each course builds on the training of the the previous module.

In the next courses after the initial 4 modules we will move onto more advance tuning and tuning for modified cars and bespoke requests. And so in this online Alientech ECM training course you will gain, in good detail, an understanding of making modifications to for fuel efficiency – Key Topics Covered:

  • How to set a vehicle for fuel economy
  • How different manufacturers set up their vehicles. And the differences between and Audi and the BMW in the last training session.
  • As well as how to adjust the turbo system for fuel savings

There are 4 modules in within this course structure and fee. Once completed take the short test at the end of the course to test your knowledge and understanding. Then you are ready to move on to the next courses building your knowledge as you progress.

VIEZU Technical Academy

As you move through the courses the VIEZU Technical Academy can take you step by step through tuning. And ecu remapping vehicles with the Alientech ECM software. In these online courses, you will cover use of the software, its functions and display setting. And so, finding maps, identifying the correct map area. The details of what to change and how to create tuning files. Use and reuse map templates and tuning files.

The ECM Tuning Software

The Remap101 Alientech online tuning training courses in theory could be taken if you don’t have the ECM tuning software. But, in an ideal world, you will want to have the ECM Tuning software already and open during the training. And, certainly after the training session its important you develop and practice what you have learned. As such the knowledge quickly becomes ingrained and honed. As such if you don’t already have a the Alientech ECM tuning software, you can find it here in the Remap101 shop: Alientech ECM

ECU Remapping and remap training from the VIEZU Training Academy


3 reviews for Alientech ECM Titanium Diesel Training – Module 4 of 4

  1. Matt

    All 4 courses taken. Very happy, when will petrol courses be available?

  2. Marty (verified owner)

    Excellent course well written and very informative worth watching Viezu has made it easy to follow and they explain the theory behind it and why you doing it

  3. Awis

    I have registered, yes. I’ve done 3/4 lessons on the diesel tuning and I really enjoy it. I am confident enough to write my own diesel files now (I’ve watched the videos over and over and over again.

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