ECM Titanium Gasoline Tuning Module 5 of 6

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ECM Titanium Gasoline/Petrol Tuning Online Training Module 5 of 6


ECM Titanium Petrol | Gasoline Training Online Module 5 of 6

ECM Titanium Petrol | Gasoline Training Online training course what is covered:

  • Understand the principals of tuning Naturally Aspirated (NA) Vehicles and,
  • how to approach the tuning using Alientech ECM Titanium Software
  • The Trainer will take you through several different vehicle types to assist you in comparing the data in the maps.
  • To support your knowledge development and to make the course as interactive as possible for you;  the course contains the original files you will need to be able to follow the course alongside the trainer.
  • The trainer will cover the key benefits of tuning a naturally aspirated vehicles and show you the key maps that can be adjusted to unlock the performance increases in these vehicles

This ECM Titanium Petrol | Gasoline Training Online module is the 5th session in a series of 6 online Alientech ECM Titanium Gasoline Tuning Training Sessions.  We do recommend you take all the courses in the correct order to gain the maximum benefit from your investment in your skills development.

By following all the courses in the series you will see your knowledge and skills will build from one module to the next.

With e ability to follow the practical exercises you will gain the best results with remap one on one – we will lead you through the keys steps to being a competent Tuner and even if you are already using the Alientech ECM Titanium Software, start with introductory lesson and comfortably follow the logic and structure of the lessons step-by-step, one-on-one.

But wait, it gets better….

Each training session is available as many times as you need. As such, one of the great things about the online training is if you did not quite understanding something. You can watch it again, and again and again until you master it. And you can pause and restart too. Hence giving you time to take notes, or even practice what you have just seen

Alientech ECM Tuning software

In theory you don’t need to have already purchased the  Alientech ECM tuning software to take this training courses. However, for the very best  learning experience. And to ensure you get the best impact from the Remap 101 training courses. We really do advise you take the training with the software to hand.

If you have the ECM software it will mean you can actively follow the training. Therefore you will be able to participate in the exercises during and after the training. We know you will get a lot more out of the training if you take the course with the software. As such you may like to know Remap 101 stock, supply, and train on pretty much all tuning tools and software. You can see the tuning tool and software shop here : Shop

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