EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module 2 of 6

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This is the second installation of the EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module.  There are six modules within this series – the modules assist the learner by providing detailed instructions on the use of EVC WinOLS from the very beginning through to advanced tuning solutions.  In this module the focus is on Projects and the terminology used inside the software so the learner will develop a confident understanding of the functions, keys and features inside the extremely excellent software – EVC WinOLS.


EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Training : Module 2 of 6

This is the second training module for WinOls Diesel. It is important you have already taken the previous Module 1 session to fully understand the contents of this course in context.

Continue your tuning and ecu remapping knowledge growth with this course Module 2 of 6 EVC WinOLS. In this online WinOls training course you will now be learning how to correctly open a Project inside of EVC WinOLS 5. You will learn the terminology of the software so you can make better use of its functions. And, navigate more effectively through your File development and tuning projects.  You will also learn how to open an existing project and what to avoid when opening a current project and more.

This online WinOLS diesel tuning training course also includes the Original File for the training vehicle, a BMW E9 320d. The original file is available for you to download for free so you can follow and actively participate in this course with the trainer.

This Diesel Tuning Training course is the second of 6 training modules covering Diesel tuning and ECU remapping with the EVC WinOls tuning software.  Each course builds on the previous one training session. So it is important to take each session in the order it is intended. Combined these sessions will give you a deep insight onto the WinOls tuning software.  And how to create tuning and remapping software files with it.

In theory you can take the VTA EVC WinOls training course without having the software with you. However, your learning experience will be much better if you do have the software. In addition, you will be able to practice what you have learned before taking the next training session. If you have not already purchased your genuine WinOls software, you can see it in our shop WinOls Software.

You will need at least 1 hour to watch the course content. You will then be ready to progress onto module 2



6 reviews for EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Module 2 of 6

  1. Fabian

    I have just completed this online training, it was very informative, I learned more than I did in a weeks training in Europe

  2. Ricardo

    Great Video

  3. James

    I have gone on to do all the WinOls training, very happy with the training good vale and easy to follow

  4. Dub

    Not sure what i was expecting, but that was much better than I thought it would be – thank you

  5. Pratish – Pune


  6. Gert

    Working my way though, I like the test and certificate

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