ECU remapping courses and car tuning classes in the USA from Viezu

This week the Viezu Technical Academy (VTA) is training in Ohio USA, we are at the fantastic facilities of Mustang Dyno, the Mustang guys are great and really help us with holding the tuning courses we offer in the USA.

We had a great group with us in Ohio this week, we even managed to get in some laughs along with a whole heap of training and car tuning.  Through the Viezu Technical Academy courses, you too can learn the fine art of vehicle tuning. The award-winning Viezu Technical training takes you step by step through the process of writing custom OE ECU tuning files, tuning for performance, Co2 reduction, motorsport and vehicle modifications.

This week we are especially focusing on USA based European vehicles including, tuning training for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, VW, Mercedes, and Audi vehicles.

The Viezu car tuning classes cover all methods of tuning, from ECU remapping, chip tuning, to OBD tuning, to the latest Tricore BDM tuning. All are explained in simple to understand the terminology. The training includes a lively mix of classroom and software study, hands-on exercises and detailed live dyno tuning time, so you can learn and develop your own tuning in a safe, hands on dyno tuning environment.

You can see more details on the courses at we are here to support you all the way. We also offer excellent packages of tunings system, training, equipment and software.

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