2015 Master ECU File Writer Training Begins!

Our latest course has just been completed for 2015.   Training included gasoline and diesel file writing, including basic reading and writing via the OBD port and through bench tuning.  We will show you how files need to be modified, where alterations are made and why these modifications boost vehicle performance.  When you finish our course you will have all the knowledge you need to release the hidden power for countless vehicles.  We hold a variety of courses, covering standard diesel and gasoline cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors, marine, avian, and even snowmobile engines!

2015 Master ECU File Writer Training Begins!
2015 Master ECU File Writer Training Begins!

If you scroll through this current page you’ll see many examples of our international reputation,  our courses, and the awards we have gained through our many achievements.

We keep class numbers to a maximum of four to five persons, allowing each person to receive the most from the course. So you need to act fast if you want to be on the course!

K-Tag Courses With Viezu Technical Academy

Our January class included a detailed module on bench tuning. With a vast knowledge of anti-tune ECU remapping, Viezu has put a lot of time into developing improved methods of bench tuning.

Our advanced master tuner course will give you a complete understanding of anti-tune methods using the latest bench tuning tools.

Courses With Viezu Technical Academy
Courses With Viezu Technical Academy

When you buy any tuning tool from Viezu, you will receive free tuning tool set-up and technical training to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable start to your tuning longevity.

Viezu Technical Academy video

We are happy to arrange free demos for anyone looking into ECU tuning and remapping.

To  book places on any of our courses, free demos or for any further information please contact Dan Kennedy on 01527 579 345

For dates on file writing courses go to the training calendar.

Or you can Email academy@viezu.com

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