Training Course Completed for Hong Kong Delegate

This year we welcomed another visitor to our ECU recalibration training centre in Warwickshire UK.  This delegate journeyed from Hong Kong to attend our excellent ECU remapping and file writing training course.

ECU Training Course Completed for Hong Kong Delegate
ECU Training Course Completed for Hong Kong Delegate

Viezu Technologies has achieved a reputation as one of the leading vehicle tuning companies in the world, supporting more than 400 professionals in over 45 different countries including South Africa, Turkey, The Middle East, The United States, Singapore, Burma, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and many more.

For those who wish to work as trained ECU tuners under their own initiative – our file writing and ECU recalibration training courses cover all aspects of ECU tuning and ECU remapping.  The makeup, structure and design of tuning files for all applications is covered in great depth. The single aim of diesel and gasoline / petrol tuning training courses is to ensure the very best file writing training, allowing professionals to tune files and tune cars without on-going support – though help is always there if needed.

As always, the course includes hands on practical ECU remapping training with real on-the-job situations. Our trainer and Technical Director, Simon White (pictured on the right) is able to incorporate dynoruns  into working demonstrations during the course – showing the full effectiveness of our vehicle remapping and tuning techniques.

After successfully completing his ECU recalibration training course, our Hong Kong delegate is now fully competent in all aspects of ECU remapping!  … The feedback on our training was extremely positive; scoring full marks for overall value, interest, relevance, enjoyment, tutor performance, materials used, administration and training facilities…

Another satisfied customer, spreading the Viezu name across the world!

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