How To Tune Diesel Vehicles – ecu remapping made easy Viezu

With 50% of the world now driving a diesel vehicle its no wonder there is so much demand for diesel tuning courses and classes.  As such at the Viezu Academy we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for training on tuning diesel vehicles

Petrol and gasoline tuning has always been about going faster, but now with so many people choosing to drive a diesel car every day many tuners are wanting to move into diesel vehicle tuning in a big way. The Viezu Academy run special courses solely focused on tuning diesel vehicles, in these courses we cover how to tune diesels for Power, Torque and fuel economy,  we also cover a range of diesel vehicles, including Truck, HGV, Plant, car and van.

The tuning tools and software for tuning diesel vehicles are often the same, but the map structure and tuning approach are very different from that used in petrol and gasoline tuning, as such we have a brand new course just for diesel applications.

ECU remapping is our passion at Viezu, it’s all we do, and we are constantly developing new vehicle tuning and the very best tuning courses in the world. Our Viezu Academy car tuning training programs means you too can learn to be a master tuner

At the Viezu Academy we undertake training for all vehicle tuners the world over, we offer remap training to the very highest levelsFor all ecu remapping training and car tuning training see car tuning equipment, software, and car tuning courses and programmes from the Viezu Academy.