EVC WinOLS Training – HGV Truck Tuning – DELPHI ETC3

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HGV Truck Tuning – DELPHI ETC3


EVC WinOLS Training – HGV Truck Tuning – DELPHI ETC3

EVC WinOLS Training – HGV Truck Tuning What you will learn

Personal Growth and Business Opportunities

EVC WinOLS Training – HGV Truck Tuning. Its our pleasure to support you on this journey of knowledge development. Our Trainers are dedicated to raising the standards in the Tuning Industry and carving out a safe space for you to learn and grow.  We want you to get the most out of this online Truck Tuning EVC WinOLS Diesel Training session. This course is part of our advanced range of WinOls training courses. And as such, if you are new to the EVC WinOls software we would suggest you take the previous diesel training modules in the series. This will assist your full understand of the logic and flow of the courses.

But wait, it gets better….

Each Remap101 online training session can be watched several times. And therefor, if you did not quite understanding something. You can watch it again, and again so that you get the time to master what you have seen. And of course, you can also pause and restart the training as well. Hence giving you time to take notes, or even practice what you have just seen before moving on in the module.

The EVC WinOLS Tuning Software

You don’t have to own EVC WinOls software to complete these courses, however, you will get much more from the training if you do.  Therefore, to get the best training experience and, best value for money. You really should consider having the software to actively participate in the training. And importantly, be able to go on to practice what you have learnt before progressing to further sessions. If you do not already have a full version of EVC WinOls tuning software, you can see it here in the Remap 101 tuning shop Tuning software 

WinOls Damos Files

If you would like to purchase the Damos files used in this course, you will find them here.

WinOls Tuning Files 

In addition, while you are learning and developing your tuning skills. You may like to know VIEZU also offer ready to use and load remap and tuning files for most vehicles including Heavy oil commercial vehicles and trucks. As well as *DPF and DTC tuning files and software. If you need a tuning file service, which is fast, reliable and open seven days a week, mail the support team at info@viezu.com

*DPF and emission removal is illegal in many locations around the world, it is important to note while training and software is available this is offered for motorsport use and applications and locations where removal is permitted. Please ensure you always perform and offer legal tuning services.    

2 reviews for EVC WinOLS Training – HGV Truck Tuning – DELPHI ETC3

  1. Cody

    Was waiting for this one, just completed it now, will you do any more on heavy oil tuning, I need Cat and Perkins maps too please

  2. Red1

    Great course

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