EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online Module 4 of 6b

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Now we are taking what you have studied so far in EVC WinOLS 5 Diesel Tuning Modules 1 through to 3 and now moving deeper into understanding ECU Data from the viewpoint of the Vehicle Tuner needing to use, control and manipulate data to achieve tuning goals. To make a theme of this, we will refer to this section as Turning “Data” Into “Information” from the viewpoint of the Vehicle Tuner using EVC WinOLS 5 Software.

We will continue the theme Defining Map Data across the next 4 Lessons.  Please gear up to allow for at least 4-hours across both parts of this module end-to-end of study to cover this Map Data element of your training.


EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online Module 4 of 6b

WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online module 4 of 6 Part Two, containing the last two lessons of Module 4 of 6.  By the end of this module you will have successfully grasped the knowledge of Map Pack development.

The Trainer will share a good deal of detailed knowledge regarding Map Data Management. Here you will be acquiring skills in identifying, labelling, and converting data to formats suitable for further manipulation in vehicle tuning – essentially turning “data” into “information”.  Inevitably this will this will involve some more quantitative work. As such we have supplied some additional course materials to supplement your study.

You will need to set aside four hours across the below two modules, to go through Module 4 of 6. For your cost convenience, we have split this module in to two parts:

  • EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online Module 4 of 6a
  • EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online Module 4 of 6b

Please be sure to take the previous modules in this series to ensure you can successfully follow this training session.  This course is the 2nd part of the 4th training course in the series of the VTA Online WinOls training courses.

EVC WinOLS 5 Software

While you can buy and take this online WinOls training courses and not have the EVC WinOls software with you. Its really not ideal to do this, you really do want to have the software with you and installed to get the most from this training. This way you can fully participate in the training and get the most from it. If you do not already have a full version of EVC WinOls tuning software, you can see it here in the shop Tuning software 

2 reviews for EVC WinOLS Diesel Tuning Online Module 4 of 6b

  1. Matt

    I already did the ECM training, it was very good. This course is really detailed, so much to learn, thank you

  2. Pratish – Pune


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