Viezu Car tuning Training for Bahrain Client

Having worked for 10 years in a Formula 1 team, David took charge of an elite supercar collection based in Bahrain.

Having worked in this arena for many years he had always wanted to learn the electronics side of the scale for factory fitted, OEM ECU’s having already obtained a huge background in aftermarket ECU development with the likes of MOTECH GEMS and Haltech etc.

With this in mind and after extensive research he decided to take the July VTA Gasoline course including the Master Class based at Viezu HQ in Bromsgrove UK and duly set about flying over to pay us a visit.

This course covered Alientech KessV2, Ktag and ECM, as well as Chip Tuning, Soldering and BDM frame connections. The main idea of this type of class is to have a one-stop, intensive, yet friendly class ideally suited to clients based outside of the UK who may be short on time and who needs to fly in, take the class and leave. Of course, we also offer an extensive technical support package with all of our classes as we are fully aware that once home and back in the workshop you will always have several questions you wished you had asked but didn’t.

The class started out with an introduction to the ECM software, how the integration of the software works with the engine sensors and how to interpret the correlation of the sensors into map writing allowing the programmer to develop maps to suit customer requirements.

Once this was completed we set about reading files from vehicles, both OBD using the KessV2 and on the bench using the KTag system. When the reads are taken from the ECU whether that be via OBD or bench we can then start to tune the software which we do on our Mustang Dyno / Dyne in order to verify all changes are working as expected.

On the Viezu Academy course, we leave nothing to chance, we cover all bases and all avenues are explored, this is what sets the Viezu VTA class above all others and what makes our students become the most successful tuners out there.


We wish David all the best for the future.