Client tuning to Master Tuner in 3 Days ! – Viezu car tuning courses

After being a slave tuner for several years, learning all about the tuning industry and serving a growing clientele of customers Mr Gallacher had a growing urge to take his tuning capabilities to the next level, he had extensively searched for a suitable course and after finding us on the internet he decided to take his training with the Viezu Technical Academy. A quick exchange of emails followed by some telephone support was all that was needed for Mr Gallacher to book and attend a purpose written 1-2-1 course developed around his already blossoming skill set.
As a slave tuner of several years we were able to build a course best suited for the client’s needs which excluded the vehicle reading and writing sections giving the student more time on the training aspects that best suited his knowledge base. This meant we were able to quickly get to a point where we were writing software on the dynamometer which is the only way to learn mapping and ECU software development. With the dyne we are able to show what works and what doesn’t, more importantly, we can prove “WHY” and “HOW” things work. We also test for errors, making the wrong calibrations and reviewing the results, this gives just as much understanding of ECU tuning as writing perfect software, after all, how can we improve without knowing the results of mistakes ? !
So, after 3 very intensive days we were able to not only explain, but show how to tune, how to understand and more importantly, how to write the perfect tune file.

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