USA Car Tuning Training – Miami July 2013 VIezu

July 28th 29th and 30th saw the bi-annual trip to Miami, USA where we ran the Viezu car tuning class for 3 students based in Canada, USA and Puerto Rico. It is usual that we get a lot of interest from South America for this class due to the location in South Miami.

The tuning class, located on Coconut Drive was in a perfect location overlooking the Lagoon to one side and the Ocean to the other and was the base of another very successful ECU remapping class.
Taking the car tuning course were Luis, Gus and Jeremy, all participating in the “introduction to tuning”, “gasoline tuning” and “advanced master car tuning class”

As always, Day 1 consists of an introduction to car tuning, including chip tuning, OBD reading and writing and KTag bench tuning. We cover every aspect of taking data from the ECU whether that is via the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port or if the ECU is off the vehicle, via chip tuning or on the bench via KTag.

A lot of people are scared of ECU removal but the class puts to rest all the concerns about this operation with full explanations including live practical reading and programming to dispel the myths surround this type of tuning. Likewise, we also cover the ways to get around soldering the ECU to read data, we have many simple tricks to make your life easy and we often get feedback from people who would have been happy taking the entire class if only to learn this valuable process.

The second day covered ECM Titanium, the most advanced ECU tuning software to include both 2d and 3d map tables. This software is a revelation in tuning offering the world’s best value tuning package to enable students to progress quickly and with complete confidence into the world of engine tuning. We covered gasoline maps, descriptions and tables explaining not only what each map table controls but how and why we would modify and for what reason, after all tuning for the economy is a different game to tuning for high performance and with our classes we explain the differences between the two.

Day three covered advanced tuning, adding map tables, EGR, O2, Immobiliser and ECU cloning. We cover special functions and features within the ECM software and explain how we tune for aftermarket medications like big turbo’s, supercharger conversions etc.

You can learn more of our car tuning training here on our Academy website:  http://www.viezu.com/viezu-academy

Make no mistake, when you complete a VTA course you will be tuning at a competent level and with the added bonus of knowing you have one of the best teams behind you as you progress into the world of tuning. Each VTA course comes with after course support packages that enable you to learn, even after the class is finished.

For more details on our upcoming classes please email academy@viezu.com