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  • Dynodrive

    KESS3 DynoDrive

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    Dynodrive is set to be available from July 2024, for more information about this upgrade contact our specialist team today on +44(0)1789 774444 or email info@viezu.com

    DynoDrive is an advanced feature, exclusive to Alientech Suite and KESS3, which allows for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle.

    Using the OBD port and data from the KESS3‘s integrated GPS module, you can export and compare the power and torque values of a car.

    The DynoDrive protocol allows you to test the effect of your modifications, without the additional cost of dedicated dyno equipment. The ability to test a car transforms into a unique opportunity to verify the vehicle’s performance and evaluate the effectiveness of any modifications, giving your customers real examples of the changes and how they have affected the performance of their vehicle.

    Choose DynoDrive and unlock even more profitability for your business by offering your customers a better service.

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