EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days Diesel & Gasoline

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EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days: Learn how to remap on gasoline and diesel engines in this short intensive 5 day remapping course on EVC’s WinOLS.

If you do not see the course dates and times you require or have any questions, just drop us a mail, and we will be happy to help: info@VIEZU.com

EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days Diesel & Gasoline

This EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days Diesel & Gasoline is perfect for someone has previous map writing experience and is already tuning in some capacity.  This 5 day course will expand your knowledge and skill markedly. It is the ideal WinOls training session for professional tuners. Covering both fuel types in one training session.

WinOLS is an advanced system that allows you complete control of your remapping, identify hidden maps and limiters. See the ECU software in at a much deeper level. Covering all aspects and fuel types together, also makes this training course ideal for those wanting to pack in as much training is a short fast paced time. Ideal for busy UK students and international customers too.

What’s in the 5 day WinOls training course ?

 EVC WinOLS Training Course

5 day Gasoline and Diesel – Pro Master Course

The VTA course covers engine tuning together with the reading and writing of the software from the vehicle, whether that be via the cars diagnostic port or by removal of the ECU and programming on the bench.

The course is intensive but great for people of all levels and will give a huge insight into original equipment ECU tuning.

We will show how to modify, why we modify and what differences the maps make in relation to the running of the engine, so whether you are looking for economy or performance you will fully understand how to make the changes needed to achieve your goals.

Day 1:

  • Reading and writing of the software from the vehicle. (this can be done in as much or as little depth as the group needs)
  • The calibration software, how it works, what it does and extras associated with tuning
  • Map packs and Drivers
  • How sensors on the engine relate to the maps in the calibration software and how to break the maps down to the areas you need to look for.

Day 2:

  • Gasoline tuning, understanding the tables.
  • Ignition, fuel, torque, throttle, map etc.
  • Modification of maps and tables.
  • Functions of tables, customised tuning.

Day 3:

  • Turbo mapping.
  • Supercharger mapping.
  • *o2 delete.
  • *EGR delete.
  • BDM, chip changing and soldering for alternative programming methods
  • Data logging and emission testing on a dyno.
  • Introduction Diesel tuning

Day 4:

  • Diesel Turbo mapping.
  • Diesel performance tuning
  • Tuning for fuel economy
  • Fleet and volume applications
  • BDM, chip changing and soldering for alternative programming methods
  • Data logging and emission testing on a dyno.

Day 5:

  • Master class for complete custom mapping functions to developer level, DSG tuning (*DPF, EGR and other delete functions can be added, though so additional software may be used in this session)

Dyno tuning, and live dyno time for both gasoline and diesel days

WinOLS Training Course Pre-Requisites:

EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days. As will all our training courses, this training is only available to on genuine EVC WinOLS software; if you do not currently have the software a demonstration version can be made available to you.

*DPF and emission removal is illegal in many locations around the world, it is important to note while training and software is available this is offered for motorsport use and applications and locations where removal is permitted. Please ensure you always perform and offer legal tuning services.    

If you are looking for the WinOLs software you can purchase it HERE

4 reviews for EVC WinOLS Training Course 5 Days Diesel & Gasoline

  1. Greg

    Should have done this years ago, really good training course, Simon the trainer was spot on, made it so much easier than i thought it would be

  2. David P

    Took some of online courses first, they were god, but i wanted some hands on training too, very happy with how this went, blew my mind if honest.

  3. Alex dovi

    I can’t wait to complete this training

  4. Washington Zinyama

    I am a mechanic but have no experience in tuning what course or knowledge must I have before enrolling for this 5day remapping course. In short what must I know and must have. In terms of tools and knowledge.

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