Viezu Car tuning training Academy Dubai 2013


dubai class vta

Saturday May 25th was the start of Viezu’s Technical Academy Bi-Annual visit to Dubai where we offer our beginners, intermediate and masterclasses for Asia and Australasia.
This year’s class was varied in that we had Ahmad from Sharjah, UAE as well as Mike and Roger from Perth, Australia.

The class started on Saturday 25th June with an introduction to tuning, explaining the workings of the engine coupled with ECU tuning and map writing software with an understanding of how engine sensors directly relate to map calibration tables in the remapping software. This is the basis of all ECU mapping classes as it is the only way of truly understanding how a change made within a map table alters the physical drive of an engine or motor.

Day 2, Sunday 26th June was based on everything gasoline/petrol with full map table descriptions, table understanding and general overview of how and why modifications to a gasoline engine will relate to the way the engine or motor performs.

This part of the course is set at a pace to suit students and consists of many Q&A sections to confirm everyone is up to speed throughout the course. We are also happy to talk about the classes during lunch or afternoon tea if any further assistance is needed.

Day 3, Monday 27th June is the diesel section, we usually run this on day 3 to get students into the swing before the fun begins. So many people think they can tune a diesel engine simply because they can achieve power gains but this is the downfall, we explain the dos and don’ts of diesel engine remapping and explain how to avoid making the usual mistakes we see on a daily basis. Getting power from a diesel engine is simple; doing it the right way is where our class comes into its own.

All sections of the course were run at Forced Induction Tuning Shop, Sharjah, UAE with our good friend and UAE partner, Ahmad Alfalasi. The workshop is fully air-conditioned with a customer viewing area and a fully fitted classroom facility with a state of the art, 4wd Mustang Dynamometer. Remember, Viezu ONLY run courses on fully functioning dyno’s so as to confirm map alterations are doing exactly what we require. Any course taken without a dyno is pointless as guesswork just doesn’t cut it in the tuning world.

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