Car Tuning Software Which One Do I Need ?

Alientech ECM or EVC WinOls Car Tuning Software?

What cat tuning software should I start out with, this is probably the most common question we get asked.  We organised some information and videos below for you and, hopefully, these videos will help you understand some of the distinctions facing deciding to have either piece of software.

There are two main options for general tuning and remapping:   

1.   Alientech ECM – easy to use, cost-effective, has free Mappacks and Drivers.

You can only really change what has been decoded for you – it’s a very good place to start though and at £995* with any master tool purchase (yearly licence £500) Take a look at this video to learn a little more ECM TITANIUM VIDEO

*if linked to a new Master within license 

2.   EVC WinOLS – this is the DADDY and needs correct training and set up to use! it does not decode the files for you, yet provides free access for you to do this yourself.  With access to all file areas making it more sophisticated to use.  You can buy decoded files from other users, which helps a lot when you are new to using WinOLS.  There is of course a cost of this and risk, many tuners will move onto WinOLS after learning the basics on something like ECM, price is £995* and there is no licence fee, here is a video on WinOLS that may make is use a little clearer EVC WinOLS VIDEO*WinOLS 501: £995, WinOLS 502: £1395

Car Tuning Software – Need to learn more?

You can see more here on this blog on the subject

Closing thoughts

Both ECM and WinOLS car tuning software are high-end and extremely good to use, and you can’t really make a mistake.  Most tuners ultimately end up running several different software’s and each has their own strengths – both ECM and WinOLS will perform and get you great results.

My Honest advice – if you have not written any files before and you only want one software at this time – start out with ECM. The training is more cost-effective and we can have you writing files in just a few days.

If you know you want to really get into modified cars, and you have a dyno – WinOLS may be best for you – but be ready to invest a bit more on your training.

WinOLS training USA

You can book a demonstration of each software with one of our experienced File Writers or visit us for a demonstration before you make up your mind. If you can’t make it to us, don’t worry, we can meet you online to explore your tuning needs.

Car Tuning training Courses:  VIEZU offer both in-class training and online training for both the Alientech ECM software, EVC WinOls tuning software, and well as most other car and commercial vehicle tuning software available – mail now for details – or complete the contact form below

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