ECM Titanium Gasoline Tuning Module 5 of 6

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ECM Titanium Gasoline Petrol Tuning Module 5 of 6

What is covered:
  • What is Lambda and how to make changes and converting Lambda value into AFR
  • What is Wastegate and how to make changes to it
    • Why does the wastegate need changing
  • Adjusting Spark maps in a Gasoline Turbo
    • Which spark maps should you change and why
  • Understanding the other maps, we can adjust on this petrol vehicle and why we would want to change these maps.
Course Materials include the four vehicle type original files for you to explore and compare inside ECM
  1. Golf R G736
  2. Mercedes C63 6200cc v8
  3. Golf GTI 2.0
  4. BMW e46 316i

ECU Remapping and remap training from the VIEZU Training Academy