How to Fit a Supercharger Pulley

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How to Fit a Supercharger Pulley. A well explained demonstration will clear explanations and demonstration with recommendations for tools and equipment to help you fit a supercharger pulley.

Changing the supercharger pulley for a smaller one is a sure way of increasing your power and performance. In this video, you will see how this work is carried out on a Jaguar or Land Rover engine. Both the V6 and V8 Jaguar Land Rover engines use the same principle. And this video will take you step by step through the process 

Visist the Paramount shop If you are looking to purchase an upgraded Jaguar or Land Rover supercharger pulley.  You may also want to remap your vehicle’s ECU to make the most of the newly upgraded supercharger pulley. If you are looking for tuning VIEZU will be happy to help, please contact us or find your nearest tuning installer here: Dealer Map  

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