We had a great week at the Dubai Automechanika show last week. The Dubai car tuning scene is fast paced, and focuses purely on gasoline performance tuning and ecu remapping.  The Automechanika show is the leading car tuning and performance car show in the Middle East and Viezu were very pleased to be there again.

Similar to the USA, the Middles East has many dealers who are keen to fully understand car tuning and ecu remapping, for this reason the Viezu Academy courses were of great interest and we will now be holding a number of specific training courses aimed at Japanese petrol vehicles and European vehicle tuning software, hardware and techniques for the clients we met at the show.

The car tuning training offered covers all aspects of how to tune cars, how to carry out ecu remapping, performance and economy tuning for all vehicles.

The next international show the team will be at will be the Russian Automechanika 27th August 2011

Followed by SEMA USA and China 2011

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